Snow – January 4th (Grand Lodge Offices closed)

By Christopher Rooney |

The Grand Lodge’s business offices will be closed on Thursday, January 4th due to the impending snowstorm.

The following was sent out to our membership list about their Stated Meeting requirements and meeting cancellations:

Due to the severe weather prediction for tomorrow many Lodges may need to cancel their Stated Meeting. Safety of our membership is of the utmost concern. If a Lodge cancels the meeting for emergency purposes the Secretary of the Lodge should retroactively request a dispensation (not a healing) to dispense with the requirement to hold the meeting.

In accordance with the Constitutions and Regulations each Lodge shall meet at least once in each calendar or lunar month, except that it may omit meeting for not more than three months in any calendar year. Therefore the cancelled meeting does not need to be re-scheduled as long as the retroactive dispensation is granted without restriction and 9 meetings are held in the calendar year.

Every effort must be made to notify all Lodge members of the cancellation. The use of email and/or a phone tree process is permitted for this purpose. The Grand Lodge administrative office as well as the office of the Grand Master should be notified of the cancellation. Kindly email and of any cancellation. If a new date is scheduled a dispensation would also be required if business is to be conducted. Otherwise a Special Meeting can be held without dispensation for ritualistic work. However, notification to all the members is still required for a Special Meeting or for a re-scheduled Stated Meeting.

Thank you and be safe!