2019 Senior and Junior Grand Wardens Elected

By Grand Lodge |

On Wednesday, December 12th, Massachusetts Freemasons from all over the commonwealth voted for the following brethren to serve them in 2019:

2019 Senior Grand Warden

Geoffrey Kromer accepts the office of Senior Grand Warden for 2019.

Geoffrey Kromer – Geoff was raised in Putnam Lodge #46 in Connecticut in September of 1994. His career as a Massachusetts Mason officially began in 2002, when he affiliated with Caleb Butler Lodge in Ayer. Geoff has since affiliated with 5 additional Massachusetts lodges – Frank W. Thompson Lodge (Bedford), The Scouters Lodge (Holden), Washington Lodge (Lexington), Tahattawan Lodge (Littleton), and Winslow Lewis Lodge (Boston).

He served as Worshipful Master of Caleb Butler Lodge from September of 2006 until September of 2007. In December of that same year, he began serving as the District Awareness Officer for the 14th Masonic District; in June of 2008, he also took over as the Worshipful Master of the 14th District Lodge of Instruction – a position he held for one year.

Geoff was then appointed by M.W. Roger W. Pageau to serve as Junior Grand Deacon for the 2009 Masonic year. After that, he became District Grand Marshal for the 14th Masonic District in 2010, and rose to the rank of District Deputy Grand Master for 2011 and 2012 thanks to an appointment by M.W. Richard J. Stewart. Geoff was elected to the Grand Lodge Board of Directors for a term that expires in 2020 in December of 2017.

In all this time, he has not forgotten about his blue lodges – Geoff has been very involved with each of his affiliated Lodges, and has held several positions during all the time mentioned above he was working on behalf of his District and the Grand Lodge.

Geoff is a member of the Scottish Rite in the Valley of Boston, where he has served as Captain of the Consistory Guard since 2015. He also belongs to Saint Paul’s Chapter, Boston Council, and Boston Commandery #2 under the York Rite. He is also a member of the Aleppo Shrine Temple in Wilmington.

Geoff and his wife Nicole live in Groton, and have two young children. Outside of the fraternity, Geoff works as a Guidance Counselor for Dracut High School in Dracut, MA.

2019 Junior Grand Warden

Timothy McGavin accepts the office of Junior Grand Warden for 2019.

Timothy S. McGavin – Tim was raised in Mount Hermon Lodge of Woburn in May of 1984. Since then, he has affiliated with several Massachusetts lodges. He belongs to Euclid Lodge (Braintree), Lynnfield-Zetland Lodge (Wakefield), Star of Bethlehem Lodge (Wakefield), Tahattawan Lodge (Littleton), Delta Lodge (Braintree), and Milton Lodge (Braintree).

Tim served as the Worshipful Master of Mount Hermon Lodge from October of 1992 until October of 1994, and again from June of 2008 until June of 2009. Tim served as Master of Euclid Lodge from October of 2011 until October of 2012, and he served as Master of Golden Rule Lodge from June of 2016 until June of 2017.

He was appointed by M.W. Harvey J. Waugh to serve as the District Deputy Grand Master for the Lodges in the 8th Masonic District in in 2014 and 2015. He is the Chairman of Grand Lodge’s Service Committee, which he has been a member of since 2012. He also serves on Grand Lodge’s Budget Committee and Rejuvenation Committee.

Tim is a member of the Scottish Rite’s Valley of Boston. He belongs to Concord Chapter, Orient Council, and Coeur de Lion Commandery #34 under the York Rite. He is also a member of the Aleppo Shrine Temple in Wilmington.

Tim lives in Littleton with his wife, Deborah. They have three adult children. He is the Funeral Director for Acton Funeral Home.