Masonic Education & Charity Trust

Masonic Education & Charity Trust

“We have thus well and truly laid the foundation of a second Temple, whose glory and blessing will survive, we trust, when the granite walls about us shall have crumbled to dust. Upon this foundation … we hope to build an enduring edifice, a permanent yet overflowing benevolence.”

M.W. Abraham H. Howland Jr, Grand Master, in his annual address to Grand Lodge
on December 10, 1884, speaking on the importance of establishing the M. E. & C. T.

The Masonic Education and Charity Trust (M. E. & C. T.) is the steward of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts’ charitable funds. The M. E. & C. T. enables the Grand Lodge to carry out its mission of providing Relief for distressed worth Brethren and their families, and to support many other worthy charitable causes.

The M. E. & C. T. is comprised of eight trustees. A new trustee is elected each year at the Grand Lodge Annual Communication in December. Trustees generally have a professional background in finance, investments, or accounting. The Grand Master is the President of the Masonic Educations & Charity Trust.

Among the many charitable and educational programs supported by the M. E. & C. T. are:

  • The Brotherhood Fund: a dedicated resource for helping a Master Mason and his family should the need arise. It helps us fulfill our Masonic obligation to care for our members.
  • Grand Lodge Scholarship Program: Massachusetts Freemasons, their children, and grandchildren attending an accredited educational institution as a full-time, undergraduate student are eligible to apply for a Grand Lodge Scholarship Grant.
  • Masonic Medical Research Laboratory: an internationally recognized biomedical research institute founded by the Grand Lodge of New York.
  • DeMolay and Rainbow: two organizations in the Masonic family dedicated to equipping young men and women with the tools and training to develop into tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Samuel Crocker Lawrence Library: Home to one of the largest and most important collections related to Freemasonry. Numerous rare books, limited editions, and standard Masonic works are featured along with recently published titles.

The Masonic Education & Charity trust is a recognized 501(c)3 by the Internal Revenue Service. All donations to the M. E. & C. T. are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.