Masonic License Plate Program

Masonic License Plate Program

The Goal:

Once we’ve reached the goal of 3000 registered plates, the program will generate ≈$60,000 per year to support the people who mean the most to us, our Brethren and their families!

A New Way to Give Back:

A few years ago, we designed Massachusetts first Masonic License Plate and since then, almost 3000 plates have made their way onto the road! Way to go Brethren! The Masonic License Plate Program has been raising awareness for Freemasonry and benefiting our Massachusetts Masonic Charities! Show your Masonic Pride and get involved!

How the Masonic License Plate Program Supports Our Members:Masonic Charities

With a mission to support our Brethren and their families in their time of need, a portion of your contribution to the Masonic License Plate program benefits your Masonic charities like the Brotherhood fund and the Masonic Education & Charity Trust.


Additional Information Regarding Pricing :

The initial special plate fee is $40 and the registration fee is $60, total cost $100. Upon renewal, the entire special plate fee directly benefits our Masonic Charities! The plates will need to be renewed every two years.

After purchasing your plate, send a copy of your registration to the Grand Lodge for a reimbursement on the transfer fees for year one (only valid for the first year, for new plate holders).

How to Apply:       

You will need your:

–    Driver’s license number

–    Plate type

–    Vehicle registration number and expiration date

–    Email address

–    Applicable payment


For online ordering, go to the official RMV website:
and scroll through the sample plates until you see the MM series (Freemasonry) plate.

Visit an RMV Service Center to order your plate. You will need a completed Registration and Title Application that has been signed and stamped by your insurance agent/company.

Most service centers accept cash, check, or money order. Since payment methods vary by location, check what’s accepted at the site you will be visiting.