Beyond Midnight: Paul Revere Exhibit

By Robert Huke |

A new ground-breaking exhibition by the American Antiquarian Society, Beyond Midnight: Paul Revere, features 200 objects that re-examine Revere’s life, transforming visitors’ understanding of the innovative businessman through an in-depth exploration of his accomplishments as a silversmith, print-maker, and pioneering copper manufacturer.

Jointly presented at the Worcester Art Museum and the Concord Museum, Beyond Midnight is structured around four themes, embracing both the figure of Revere (1735-1818) that is well known—that of the Revolutionary War hero—and the wider range of his artistic and commercial experiences that have often received less attention. Two of the four themes of the exhibition will be presented principally at the Concord Museum: “Revolutionary Revere” and “Revere the Legend.” The other two themes, “Revere the Maker” and “Revere’s Network,” will be explored primarily at the Worcester Art Museum. The exhibit opens on February 15 and will run through June 7, 2020.

The exhibit features a ladle crafted by Revere that belongs to the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts’ collection. The ladle was profiled in “Curiosities of the Craft: Treasures from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts Collection”.