Cornerstone Ceremony Commemoratives

By Grand Lodge |

The State House Cornerstone Ceremony last June was one of the proudest days the fraternity has had in Massachusetts in recent memory.

Soon, you will be able to own a piece of the history that was made that day. The Grand Lodge is prepared to offer a three-piece set of commemorative silver plates – exact replicas of the 1795, 1855, and 2015 plates that are embedded in our State House’s cornerstone.

On Wednesday, June 17, 2015, over 1100 Masons marched from the Boston Masonic Building up to the State House to rededicate its cornerstone. First laid in 1795 by Paul Revere, the cornerstone was removed from the State House the previous winter due to some water damage.

When State House officials went to remove the cornerstone, they discovered a time capsule – a small box containing coins, newspapers, and a silver plate describing the dedication of the building by Governor Samuel Adams and Most Worshipful Paul Revere, the Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts.

At the 2015 rededication, a new time capsule was inserted into the cornerstone, with updated contents from the present added for future generations to discover: a mint set of United States coins and a new silver plate included.

We have reproduced the plates that are now once again sealed in the cornerstone of the State House in perpetuity. You can have your very own set to display at your home or office; your Lodge can also display a set in its building or office.

There are three options:

  • $1,795: A set of three silver plates, exact replicas of the sealed silver plates, framed, on a purple matte with commemorative inscription.
  • $1,395: A set of three brass plates, replicas of the sealed silver plates, framed, on a purple matte with a commemorative inscription.
  • $75: A lithograph print of the three sealed plates on a purple background with a printed inscription, framed.

We also have a twenty minute version of “Resetting The Cornerstone”, our expanded edition of the four minute video we shared on YouTube last summer.

The expanded edition includes footage of the Grand Master’s speech from the event, and expanded coverage of the entire ceremony. While we will be providing this to lodges on a complimentary basis, a DVD version is available for purchase for $10 for individuals who would like a copy.

For more information on how to order, contact