Local group enjoys Masonic Building tour

By Christopher Rooney |

The following was sent to us by a group that recently visited us, chronicling their experience:

The LIRA group with R.W. Walter Hunt.

On July 13th, twenty-one LIRA (Learning in Retirement Association) members and friends enjoyed a visit to The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, headquarters for the Masons in Massachusetts. Just across Boston Common on the corner of Tremont and Boylston Street, many have wondered about what is concealed behind the decorated panels on the building’s façade.

R. W. Walter Hunt, Librarian and Historian for The Grand Lodge, gave us a tour through the building as he explained Masonic symbols and the meaning of the fraternal organization.

He showed us beautiful and grand meeting rooms and historical portraits of Massachusetts Masons including Paul Revere. Some meeting rooms included portraits of other important Masons such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

We ended our tour at The Samuel Crocker Lawrence Library housed at The Grand Lodge. Walter showed us one of the important volumes in their collection, a letter book (copy of correspondence) of John Paul Jones, written in his French script.

We ended our visit with a picnic and a stroll on Boston Common. We highly recommend others consider a group outing to see this facility!