Memorial Day – Grand Master’s Message

By Christopher Rooney |

A message from the Grand Master, Richard Maggio.

Happy Memorial Day.

This is a time where we recognize and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our American way of life. Over 37,000 Massachusetts service members have given their lives to defend our nation, and our freedom.

Normally, I would be able to step outside my office, take a short walk, and see the annual display of flags at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Boston Common.

Due to the novel coronavirus, the Massachusetts Military Heroes organization elected to err on the side of public safety and cancel it for 2020. This is just another reminder of the many things we have had to sacrifice over the last several weeks.

Yet, brethren, I remain encouraged – remember, every single service member who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms did so in order to pave the way for a better tomorrow. The sacrifices we’ve all made since mid-March have been with the same idea in mind, and truly pale in comparison.

While many large gatherings and public displays are canceled this Memorial Day, our ability to be grateful and give thanks lives on.

Governor Baker will be participating in a commemoration today to honor our fallen heroes. I encourage you to tune in at, or on your local broadcast television station to watch (check your TV guides for details).

As you watch tonight, keep in mind not only those service members who have helped protect our nation over the years; this year, also remember those who have been asked to make the ultimate sacrifice while fighting the pandemic for all of us. Remember all the loved ones we’ve lost to this terrible virus.

We live in a great country, and as Masons, we belong to a great fraternity. We’ve inherited a dual legacy from our predecessors we should all strive to be worthy of daily.

Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth – these virtues are the core tenets of our past traditions. They are the core tenets or our country. And they will always be the core tenets of the better future we are all planning for.

Be safe, and I look forward to meeting with you all very soon.