Merrimack Valley Natural Gas Fires

By Grand Lodge |

From the desk of the Grand Master:

As you may have heard, Merrimack Valley residents have been displaced by a series of natural gas explosions in the region.

In this time of need, please remember to look in on your brethren. Those within our ranks who are affected by this may be too pre-occupied to let us know they need help.

It is our mission to care for one another in time of need, within the scope of our ability. As always, take due notice and govern yourselves accordingly.

If there is someone you know (or you, yourself) who needs assistance, please contact my Service Committee Chairman, R.W. Timothy S. McGavin. You can send emails to and they will be routed to the appropriate contact immediately. You can call the Grand Lodge at (617) 426-6040, and you will also be put in touch with someone who can point you in the right direction.


M.W. Paul F. Gleason
Grand Master