Project Overlook: Thank You!

By Grand Lodge |

A message from the Grand Master, Richard Maggio.

OverlookThree short months ago, the Coronavirus pandemic reached Massachusetts and turned our lives upside down in ways that few of us could have imagined at the time. Since then, we have asked several times for Brothers like you to help if you were able. I expected you would rise to the occasion, but I have been amazed by your generous and enthusiastic response.

Thousands of dollars in donations small and large have flowed in to support The Brotherhood Fund: To Help a Brother Wheresoever Dispersed. As you probably know, this fund provides Relief to a Brother or his family in need of temporary assistance.

More tangibly, when we learned The Overlook Masonic Home in Charlton desperately needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the call for assistance was put out. We were overwhelmed by the response and received scores of offers to donate equipment and information about where it could be obtained. This effort allowed The Overlook to successfully navigate the most challenging period of the crisis.

To illustrate the impact of the request for PPE, I encourage you to read this article from the Charlton Villager highlighting the fact no residents of The Overlook have been diagnosed with COVID-19. The article specifically highlights the difficulty they had obtaining PPE and the threat it posed to their residents and staff.

The Scottish Rite Valley of Boston has made significant and important contributions and deserves special acknowledgement and appreciation for their support. Boston-Lafayette Lodge of Perfection and Giles F. Yates Council Princes of Jerusalem each made a $10,000 donation for COVID-19 relief. And Massachusetts Consistory launched “Project Overlook”, an ambitious effort to raise $50,000 to purchase PPE for The Overlook. Because of this initiative, Commander-in-Chief Eugene A. Capobianco has made several weekly trips to Charlton delivering much needed PPE.

The response to our appeals has been humbling and inspiring. We know, however, the need will continue. Brethren and their families will continue to seek aid in this uncertain economic climate. The Overlook will continue to use PPE and will need to be resupplied.

If you are able to help in any way, I am asking you to please step up.

  • To make a contribution to The Brotherhood Fund, please click here.
  • To donate PPE to The Overlook, email, or call 800.882.1020.
  • To support, “Project Overlook”, please click here.

In your family, in your community, and for humanity, thank you for representing Massachusetts Freemasonry. Your generous support for these important initiatives is greatly appreciated – thank you.