WIBM: Bro. James D. Malary, Sr.

By Lee H. Fenn |

WIBM: Why I became a Mason by Bro. James D. Malary, Sr. member of Delta Lodge, in Braintree.

I was always curious about Freemasonry growing up because my Father and Godfather are Masons.  They never spoke to me about it which drove my curiosity and my desire to join.


Bro. James D. Malary, Sr. with future Past Master, James D. Malary, Jr.

I got the chance while living in Hawaii and befriending a Mason who sponsored me and thence began my journey.  My journey began in July 2003 with Kaneohe Bay Lodge #2 and proceeded with when I joined Scottish Rite Cosmopolitan Consistory #291, Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Hawaii.  I moved out of Hawaii in 2005, six months after getting married, to relocate to MA with my wife who was three months pregnant with our first son.  Our choice was to raise a family with support from our family here in MA.  Because of the readjustment and resettling efforts, it took us 10 years to finally settle in Weymouth, MA.  It was at that point in time that I decided to be active again in Masonry.

I demitted from Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Hawaii and when my paperwork was submitted to Wor. Bill Cullen of Delta Lodge, I learned that in order to join Delta Lodge, the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts would require me to go through the degree work through Delta Lodge.  This was because the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Hawaii is not a recognized Grand Lodge by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.  So, yes, I had to go through the three degrees a second time.
After brief contemplation, I agreed.  I recognized this as my journey in Masonry and Delta Lodge was where I wanted to be.  As I met and continue to meet Brothers in Delta Lodge, I realize it was the right decision.  I went through the degree work and am now a voting member of Delta Lodge and a Noble of Aleppo Shriners in Wilmington, MA as of June 2016.
My wife and I now have three young boys at home and she is currently pregnant with our first baby girl.


Serious Selfie at Delta Lodge

Some fun selfie bombing at Delta Lodge, the new Masonic home of Bro. James D. Malary, Sr.