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Being a Freemason means finding the best possible version of ourselves, and helping others do the same. It means making connections with men who share the same values, and a larger impact on the world than you could alone. It means having compassion, searching for truth, and committing to something new—something bigger. Are you ready to find out what it means for you?

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Watch the stories of three inspiring Massachusetts Freemasons.

A Seeker

David Pierre-Louis

He grew up in Queens, thoughtful and introspective by nature. When he moved to central Massachusetts, David found inner peace through meditation in outdoor spaces.

An Artist

Dave Norton

For Dave, nothing is more important than creating. He makes his mark on the world with tattoos that help people express themselves, spread joy, and find healing.

A Musician

Chris Duggan

It's more than a career; it's a calling. In a world of distractions, music helps Chris stay present and connect with something greater.

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