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The Dudley Masonic Pocket Watch: Father to the Barcay

Summer 2014

  • Be the Revolution: A Masonic call to action.
  • The Dudley Masonic Pocket Watch: A Brother’s Legacy for All Time
  • Past Grand Masters – M.W. Baalis Sanford: Rt. Wor. Walter Hunt
  • The Excitable Heart: Part IV of a five-part series.
  • Masonic Anniversaries in 2014: Members celebrating 60, 65, 70, and 75 years at Masons.
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M.W. Grand Master Harvey J. Waugh

Spring 2014

  • The 2013 Stated Communication: Installation of Grand Lodge officers and Feast of St. John
  • Meeting the Challenges of the Times: Deputy Grand Master Joseph C. DeNicola
  • Past Grand Masters – M.W. Claude L. Allen: Rt. Wor. Walter Hunt
  • Grand Master’s Appeal Donors in 2013: Gift envelope for 2014 donations
  • The Excitable Heart: Part III of a Five-part Series
  • Create a New Tradition – Masonic Challenge Coin: Bro. Leo Kenen
  • The Rusty Nail Degree: Two ideas from the Masonic Service Association
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The Gift of Masonry: Stories of Sponsorship

Winter 2014

  • Pass It On – The Gift of Masonry: Membership Tool Kit • Stories of Sponsorship
  • Eyewitness Letter Recounts His 1785 Initiation: A fantastic account of initiation
  • The Excitable Heart: Part V: Atrial Fibrillation
  • Past Grand Masters – M.W. Dana Judson Flanders: A continuing series by the Grand Historian
  • Master Gives A Sign: The Master of Satuit Lodge crafts a new sign.
  • Lodge in Focus: King Hiram’s Lodge of Provincetown
  • Hidden Symbols: Masonic references in the prints of Bro. William Hogarth
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Masonic Sebastians

Fall 2013

  • Past Grand Masters – M.W. William Sewall Gardner: Rt. Wor. Walter Hunt
  • Sebastian Miniatures – An American and Masonic Tradition: Wor. Joseph Goldstein
  • Masonry in Massachusetts – A Visitor’s View: Dr. David Harrison
  • The Excitable Heart: Part II of a Five-part Series
  • The Quiet Medal: Recent Joseph Warren Medalists
  • Bro. John Ruggiero, Jr.
  • Acting Masonic: Poetry by Rt. Wor. David Newcomb
  • New Masonic Challenge Coin: Bro. Leo Kenen
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Treasures of Grand Lodge

Summer 2013

  • Aprons to Gravestones – A Look at Masonic Trestle-Boards: Wor. Andrew Magowan
  • The Greatest Museum: Bro. J. Graeme Noseworthy
  • Past Grand Masters – M.W. Charles C. Dame: Rt. Wor. Walter Hunt
  • Treasures of Grand Lodge: New book highlights collection.
  • Bro. Jones’ Pistol: Rt. Wor. C. William Lasko
  • Historic Records Found in Maine: Rt. Wor. Thomas E. Pulkkinen
  • The Excitable Heart: Dr. Charles Antzelevitch, MMRL
  • Masonic Veterans: New recipients of the 50-Year Medal.