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Trowel News
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MMRL Grand Lodge’s Charity

Spring 2013

  • Masonic Medical Research Laboratory: Grand Lodge’s Signature Charity
  • The 2012 Stated Communication: Installation of Officers and Feast of St. John
  • Building on a Solid Foundation: Rt. Wor. James T. Morse
  • Donors to the 2012 Grand Master’s Appeal: An invitation envelope for 2013 Gifts
  • Bow Tie Benefit for MMRL: Event raises over $10,000
  • Follow Reason: Bro. Gordon Huggins
  • Grand Marshal to Grand Master: Rt. Wor. Walter Hunt
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Masonic Anniversaries

Winter 2013

  • Grand Lodge Scholarships for 2013-2014: Wor. Jeffrey Northrup
  • Past Grand Masters – M.W. Sereno D. Nickerson: Rt. Wor. Walter Hunt
  • The Acacia Kit: Rt. Wor. David Newcomb
  • A Story About Forgetting a Brother: Bro. Scott H. Bornstein
  • Quincy Masonic Temple Lost: Wor. Graeme Marsden
  • Masonic Anniversaries in 2013: Members celebrating 60, 65, 70, and 75 years as Masons
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Grand Masters of Massachusetts

Fall 2012

  • Grand Master of Massachusetts – John T. Heard: Rt. Wor. Walter Hunt
  • Social Media Guidelines for Massachusetts Masons: When we represent ourselves as Freemasons.
  • In Memoriam: Most Worshipful Roger William Pageau
  • The Quiet Medal: Joseph Warren Medal Recipients
  • The 35th Grand Master’s Fair: Chaplain arranges sunshine!
  • Grand Lodge Scholarships for 2012-2013: Wor. Jeffrey Northrup
  • The Square and Compasses: Poem by Rt. Wor. David Newcomb
  • Masonic Education Day: Education and Training’s finale for 2012
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Crafter of Masonic Jewels

Summer 2012

  • Crafter of Masonic Jewels: Bro. Kenneth Westgard
  • Browsing the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge: Rt. Wor. Walter Hunt
  • Grand Lodge Events: The 2012 Service Fair • The New Wardens Workshop
  • The Wages of a Mason: Rt. Wor. David Newcomb
  • The Order of the Eastern Star: The Synergy of Fraternalism
  • 2012 Masonic Veterans: 50-Year Past Masters
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2011 Rookie Masons

Spring 2012

  • 2011 Master Mason Rookies: Dinner with the Grand Master
  • Grand Masters of Massachusetts: Rt. Rev. and Most Wor. George Randall
  • The 2011 Stated Communication: Installation of Officers and Feast of St. John
  • Thankful for the Gift of Freemasonry: Rt. Wor. Robert V. Jolly Jr.
  • Donors to the 2011 Grand Master’s Appeal: An invitation envelope for 2012 gifts
  • Why a Widow’s Program is Important: Wor. John Soderblom
  • The Soul of Freemasonry – The Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite: Rt. Wor. Jerry A. Roach Jr.