Beyond The Third Degree

By Grand Lodge |

Beyond the Third Degree was a half-day workshop designed to increase Lodge membership engagement and participation. We’re thrilled to announce that we are able to share the presentations from this popular March event!

The workshop featured presentations from several of the most successful Lodges and Lodge leaders that the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts has to offer.

Over the next several weeks, we’re proud to present edited versions of their work – free for all! We will be premiering one presentation each Wednesday afternoon at 12:15pm.

Beyond the Third Degree is a special program that we hope to bring back in the future. For now, we hope that each of these presentations inspires you, and gives you ideas to bring back to your Lodge.


Wednesday, May 27: Grand Master (5:28)

Richard Maggio, the 90th Grand Master of Masons of Massachusetts, introduces the program. Planning for the future, while preserving our past traditions – this is our goal in 2020. Get ready for some great presentations over the next several weeks!

Wednesday, June 3: Starting a New Organization – Aspiring for Excellence (39:20)

When Peter Lawson was asked to preside as Master over a newly constituted Lodge, he didn’t know what to expect. What he found was The Lodge of the Royal Secret became more successful than even he imagined.

Wednesday, June 10: Sustaining Success as a Lodge (48:08)

Chapter 2. Once you establish a great Lodge, how to you sustain it? A member of Golden Rule Lodge in Wakefield, MA walks you through the last 30 years of their programming.

Wednesday, June 17: Rusty Brother Testimonial (5:20)

Treat each of your candidates and their raisings as special as they are.

If you don’t, you might lose someone faster than you piqued their interest. This brother talks about how he came back to Lodge after several years. Sometimes, all it takes is a phone call.

Wednesday, June 24: Secrets of Inspirational Leadership (40:52)

Inspiration is often the combination of three things: confidence, comfort, and a little bit of nervousness, even.

Sam Newland walks you through the secrets of inspirational leadership in this talk.

Wednesday, July 1: Being the Change in your Lodge (17:18)

More than 1 in 4 American children grows up without a father in the home, according to the US Census Bureau.

We have an opportunity to provide a space where men can learn from each other how to thrive in life.

Wednesday, July 8: Rookie Program Speakers (33:02)

The Master Mason Rookie program encourages new members of the Craft to dive headfirst into all the activities around the jurisdiction.

Here, three recent recipients of our Rookie Award talk about the program, as well as Freemasonry and how it helps them be the best version of themselves.

Wednesday, July 15: Speaker Roundtable (26:20)

Wednesday, July 22: Grand Master (13:40)