Boston Tea Party 250th Anniversary Celebration | December 15-17, 2023

By Robert Huke |

Massachusetts Freemasonry’s Boston Tea Party 250th Weekend – brought to you in partnership with Revolution 250, the Sons of the American Revolution, the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, and the Dr. Joseph Warren Foundation – is approaching quickly.

Boston Tea Party Reenactment
Depositing the tea into Boston Harbor.

The Boston Tea Party is an event that needs no introduction; the Tea Act of 1773, 342 Chests of tea aboard the Dartmouth, the Sons of Liberty, the Green Dragon Tavern, hundreds of colonists, a link in the chain to the birth of the United States of America, and a special connection to a few Massachusetts Freemasons!

Guarantee your registration for the semi-private events taking place at the Boston Masonic Building and beyond between December 15th and 17th: historic tours and artifacts display, a rare Installation of Officers for Saint John’s Lodge, renowned historical speakers, and yes, the procession to the Old South Meeting House and the “Rolling Rally” to the Boston Tea Party Museum through the streets of Boston!

Be with your Brethren for this once in a lifetime event and the opportunity to make memories with the fraternity and your family that will last a lifetime. Share a moment you can look back on and say, ‘I was there’! Space is limited so register now.