Masons honor scholarship recipients

By Grand Lodge |

The Grand Master poses for a photo with recipients of Grimshaw-Gudewicz Foundation scholarship grants.

On Sunday, June 25th, the Grand Master and his officers held a reception for all of the recipients of 2017-2018 Grand Lodge scholarship grants.

Over 150 people (students, parents, and lodge officers included) attended the dinner.

Throughout the evening, the students had the opportunity to meet one another, take a tour of the Boston Masonic building, and thank the members of the Grand Lodge for supporting their college education.

When M.W. Paul F. Gleason spoke, he offered the following piece of wisdom to our recipients before sending them off on their way:

“If you invest your time in all of the things that are important to you throughout your lives, you will reap tremendous rewards – professionally and personally.”

The Grand Lodge has given out over $8.4 million in scholarship grants since the scholarship program began in 1995. Some of those grants are given in partnership with the Grimshaw-Gudewicz Foundation.

Learn more about our scholarship program here.