Newly Published Book! “Freemasonry from the 1st to the 33rd Degree (According to an 1875 French manuscript written in Lausanne, Switzerland)”

By Robert Huke |

In 1875, at a reunion of several “confederated Supreme Councils” of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry held in Lausanne, Switzerland, a manuscript was written in French describing the 1st to the 33rd degrees. R.W. Kamel Oussayef, 33° (Converse Lodge, Wakefield), Author-in-Residence for the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library translated and annotated the work for our enlightenment.

The original manuscript meticulously describes the candidate attire, the jewels and the decors of the lodge or the location where the degree takes place as well as the signs and passwords used. At the end of the manuscript, all the Degrees from the 1st to the 33rd are summarized and their symbolism fully explained. The book does not overtly reveal anything to the profane.

The goal of this annotated translation is to help Freemasons, students, scholars, and historians to understand the evolution of the rituals. Works such as this one show us the present form of the rituals is a direct result of scholarly research done in the past.

The title may be purchased by visiting the Supreme Council, NMJ online store (hardcover edition) or from Amazon (Kindle edition).