Nurses Day 2020 – Celebrating Heroes

By Grand Lodge |

A message from the Grand Master, Richard Maggio

Tuesday, May 12th is International Nurses Day.

You don’t need me to tell you just how important these professionals are in our world based on what’s going on around us – not just on Nurses Day, but all the time.

While many of us have the luxury of waiting for this crisis to pass from the comfort of our homes, Nurses, Doctors, EMTs, and countless others are caring for our sick, treating the ill, and doing everything they can to get us through this pandemic.

Please join me in saying thank you to all nurses today – and if you know someone personally who is working diligently in one of these roles, keep them in your prayers, especially tonight.

The Grand Lodge Brotherhood Fund is prepared, ready and able to assist brethren and their families who need temporary aid during times such as these. If you are blessed with the means to support the fund, you can make a donation that will help brethren who make such requests. Thank you!