The Spirit of Freemasonry

By Christopher Rooney |

RW Brother Kamel Oussayef transports us to the era of Napoleon Bonaparte who proclaimed and crowned himself Emperor of the French and, among other titles, “the protector of Freemasonry”.

The Vatican created a Saint called Napoleon to thank him for restoring the church privileges that the French Revolution took away. Our Brothers, in turn, dedicated in 1804, a Saint Napoleon Masonic Lodge that became one the best attended Lodges in Paris.

The 520 page-annotated translation of this Masonic manuscript (circa 1804) is divided into 12 Chapters that can be read in any order. They describe various Masonic subjects that might seem exotic, strange and even bizarre to us in the 21st century.

The book, and particularly the footnotes, will cast a brighter light on Masonic texts, symbols, rituals, definitions, secret alphabets and calendars that up to now were thought to be difficult for the uninitiated to comprehend. But above all, it definitively establishes that Napoleon Bonaparte was neither a saint nor a Freemason.