WIBM: Bro. Bill Rice

By Lee H. Fenn |


WIBM: Why I became a Mason, by Bro. Bill Rice a member of Elm-Belcher Lodge in Agawam MA.

I am a retired 67 year old veteran who never considered the Masons until my neighbor joined and started telling me the positive aspects of Masonry and Shriners.  I was a bit dubious because I have been a member of several organizations and at my age didn’t know if I was up for joining another.

I looked at the literature and listened to my neighbor but was reluctant to join.  He kept after me and finally I relented.  I looked at it as a challenge first and foremost, and also liked the aspect of helping your fellow man.  I was also intrigued by the history of Masonry in the United States and that many of our forefathers were Masons.

I started going to spaghetti suppers and breakfasts at the Elm-Belcher Lodge in Agawam, MA.  I found the brothers warm and easy to talk to so I gave it a shot.   I have met some wonderful people and was raised this past Feb 15th.  I am looking to be an active member of both the Masons and the Shrine.   I thank my neighbor, and now Brother, Miguel Hollander for giving me the extra push to join these fine organizations.